Dinner is Served

By Steve Bennett / August 26, 2020

I couldn’t resist substituting a mask for my napkin at a recent dinner get together with two if our neighbors in the “Driveway Bistro” (a parking space replete with designer lights and jazz music; no dress code). The evening was by normal measures a smashing success—-delicious food (chef hats off to my wife, Ruth), a…

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More Corona Moments: Weekly Recap

By Steve Bennett / August 23, 2020

The last week has been pretty much the same non-normal=new normal equation, at least in my neck of the woods (Cambridge and Boston MA). I’m still finding the relatively empty streets, the outdoor dining extensions of restaurants, and of course, the masked people, to be quite surreal. My hope is that this situation doesn’t drag…

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LA Orange Delight

By Javier Gutierre  / August 21, 2020

I took this picture in downtown LA between the second and third mile of my late afternoon walk. I saw this woman with bright orange hair as I turned the corner from Seventh to Spring. Her stance was just right, as if I’d posed her. What stood out to me was her amazing hair and…

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Escape to Marthas Vineyard

By Steve Edson / August 19, 2020

Summer with hot sunny days, late sunsets and the harvest from the local farms is in full splendor. Social distancing is easier to do as people can spend more time outside exploring the world around them while minimizing the danger to each other. Getting on a plane, ferry or train or a car full of…

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Signs of the Times, Collages 4 and 5

By Steve Bennett / August 16, 2020

I think the most common printed words these days are :1 “No” 2 “Don’t” 3 “Must” and 4 “ Only.” Amazing how they words range from being taken as life-saving/pandemic-curbing public health directives to challenges of our right to do whatever we want whenever we want, no matter what the outcome for others. Here are…

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By Steve Bennett / August 14, 2020

I never know what or who I’ll encounter as I travel about Cambridge with my camera bag hanging from my shoulder. Some days, Il just plant myself on a corner  and see what transpires. Other days, I’m on the move and on the lookout for poignant moments and store signage that conveys the tenor of…

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Corona Moments

By Steve Bennett / August 11, 2020

As I document the pandemic in my area, I’m heartened when I come across people who are making the best of things and are carrying on with their lives—just with varying degrees of protective gear and operating with new rules of social engagement. When I ask how they’re bearing up, most people respond that this…

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Chalk Signs

By Steve Bennett / August 3, 2020

Writing in chalk on the sidewalk is common in my neighborhood these days. The statements are mainly about “masking up.” This one is perhaps the most succinct I’ve seen. Mind-boggling how a utilitarian public/personal health recommendation became a politicized lightning rod and a symbol of personal autonomy and power. But it’s not the first time.…

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New Rules for the (Farmer’s) Marketplace

By Steve Bennett / August 1, 2020

The farmer’s market in Davis Square, Somerville (@massfmkts) is a much beloved tradition in the area. Every Wednesday from spring through the fall, you can find great produce, some prepared foods, and other delights in a municipal parking lot filled with vendor stalls. The market is once again open, but things are quite different. You…

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Still Closed until Further Notice

By Steve Edson / July 31, 2020

No news is good news but lately we have had too much bad news in almost all economic, health, social and political sectors. Boston was hammered with patients being admitted to the different hospitals. Thankfully, with responsible leadership listening to our doctors and scientists, we have lowered the curve but we are still losing people…

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