Fear on the Transport

By Anastas Tarpanov / November 18, 2022

The transit photos are made in the spring of 2020 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The first two months of the pandemic were total chaos. The city was closed and leaving it was not allowed. Most people were very afraid and they used everything to protect themselves. The public transport was one of the places were gathered…

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Antigua, Guatemala 2021

By Edward Rivera / November 13, 2022

I was living in Beijing China during the pandemic and decided it would be a good idea to leave before any major restrictions had been set in place. I ended up traveling to Guatemala on April 25, 2021. At that time, wearing masks in public was still a policy for residents but seemed like it…

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Mother of the Plaza de Mayo

By Laura Reyes / November 3, 2022

On March 24th, 1976, a Military Junta forcefully took power in Argentina. Congress and democracy were suspended, political parties were banned and civil rights were highly limited. During this dictatorship, that ended in 1983, the Argentine Armed Forces launched a bloody campaign of State terrorism against their political opponents that included clandestine imprisonment, torture, sexual…

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Street Musicians

By Leslie Spurlock / October 30, 2022

This image was taken on March 26, 2022. Everyday these kids would show up and play their “instruments” for the passersby on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana.   Copyright © 2022 Leslie Spurlock Leslie SpurlockLeslie Spurlock is a photojournalist, storm chaser and creative portrait artist. She has lived with the…

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Isolation: Waiting to Exhale

By Swati Chakraborty / July 5, 2022

Alone, numb and terrified by the devastation that an invisible virus can bring, hope found it hard to flourish, but loneliness knew in its heart that this pandemic of isolation would be washed away by warm hugs and kind prayers and the resilience to thrive. I had planned to visit India—where I grew up (I…

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Can You Handle the Heat?

By Emre Sarigul / July 2, 2022

(A Looking Back post: image taken November 2021) This photograph was taken during the transition period when the UK started to lift COVID restrictions and life began returning to the heart of London. My goal was to show everyday Londoners whose stories are often forgotten. Every day, thousands of people walk through Chinatown and hundreds…

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Just Another Sunday at the Grocery Store

By Steve Bennett / March 13, 2022

Here we are in March 2022, just another Sunday at the grocery store during the pandemic. The masks will (hopefully) come off before too long, but memories of our cloaked social interactions will take time to fade, if ever.     Copyright © 2022 Steven Bennett Steve BennettSteve Bennett is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based visual artist.…

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A Turkish Hospital: Pandemic Photos

By Engin Ayyildiz / March 11, 2022

When the pandemic struck, I had the chance to photograph the treatment processes of COVID-19 patients who came to the hospital where I work in Turkey. Since I’m a serious photographer, the pandemic presented a rare opportunity to combine my professional interests with my passion for photographic arts.  In this series, I captured some of…

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Through the Looking Glass

By Steven Kushner / March 8, 2022

For me, the view through glass block symbolizes the way my sense of the world has become distorted by these past two years of living through a pandemic. So much of what I thought about the world and my relation to it has been blurred, even distorted. Everything has changed, from getting together with people…

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Surviving the Pandemic in Style

By Steven Kushner / February 28, 2022

I love walking the streets of New York City. Camera in hand. The tension between the old and new, the urban and the chic. Especially here, at an upscale foodcourt in the heart of the Meat Packing District, one thing always stands out: Style. You can’t help but admire how effortlessly this young woman dons…

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