We Are Grateful

By Susan Kottler | September 14, 2020

In March, COVID-19 hit like a ton of bricks. Most of us tried to stay out of its way, but some people couldn’t shelter at home and had no choice but to confront the virus head on. Police, fire, grocery workers, health care providers, hospital staff went to jobs that had quickly become perilous. Some essential workers were infected, some died. We owe immense thanks to those who worked steadfastly for the common good, especially in the early, frightening days of the pandemic, when little was known about how to avoid or combat the disease. I’ve been touched by the many homemade tributes to essential workers in my neighborhood.

“Thank You Corner”

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  1. Mary Ray Cate on September 20, 2020 at 1:07 pm

    Thank you, Susan, for documenting so clearly the positive side of our current condition. Your crisp photo is heartwarming.

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