Going Dental in the Pandemic Age

By Steve Bennett / July 27, 2020

A couple of months ago, the idea of going to the dentist was inconceivable. A talk with Dr. Chang, a prosthodontist and faculty member at Harvard University’s School of Dental Medicine, convinced me that a visit for a checkup and cleaning was safe. Beyond stringent check-in steps for patients and meticulous room sanitization before and…

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The New Gallery Norm

By Steve Bennett / July 26, 2020

As we inch towards some vague semblance of normality, a number of art galleries in the Boston area are cautiously opening by appointment and with the standard safety measures in place. Here, a viewer at Cambridge Art Association’s Kathryn Schultz Gallery studies a piece in the Association’s National Prize Show, juried by Sharon Butler. Visit…

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Who IS That Masked Woman?

By Steve Bennett / July 25, 2020

No, she’s not a mannequin. I saw her strolling down Mass Ave a few blocks from my house in North Cambridge. I was intrigued by the mystery and anonymity afforded by the broad-brimmed hat and expansive mask. It was almost is if she was a modern day knight in armor protecting herself from the invisible…

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Closed Until Further Notice

By Steve Edson / July 24, 2020

As I venture out to explore what Boston looks like under the coronavirus pandemic, the city was locked-down pretty tight with a few exceptions. Most of the people I pass use face masks but I was and still am surprised at how a fair number of people flaunt the recommendations of health care professionals. Mental…

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New Look for Waitstaff

By Steve Bennett / July 20, 2020

During a recent Mass Ave walk, I noticed that the highly-rated @chalawanboston was opened for outside dining. It’s good to see proprietors doing whatever they can to make people feel comfortable in these oh-so uncomfortable times. Copyright © 2020 Steven Bennett     Steve BennettSteve Bennett is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based visual artist. He began taking photographs…

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Stay Home and Be Safe

By Steve Bennett / July 19, 2020

This image is the genesis of The Pandemic Lens. After two months of not leaving my house, I ventured into Davis Square in Somerville, Massachusetts, one of my favorite places. There were a good number of people walking around, even though the only open businesses were restaurants and cafes doing take out. Most were observing…

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Inflection Point 2020

By Steve Bennett / December 28, 0202

As we close on 2020 amidst an incredible surge in COVID-19 cases and deaths, I find this image particularly germane. I took the photo a year ago while exploring the Ubehebee Crater in Death Valley. To me, it symbolizes our choices in a post COVID-19 world. All expert opinions point to a rough stretch in…

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