Artist's images, musings, and observations
about life in the time of corona

Artist's images, musings, and observations about life in the time of corona

Falling And Failing In Our Dystopian Era

Stills reeling with the confluence of crises and global polarization and today it came out sounding like … this:

A False Start to a New Beginning

New Beginnings
New Beginnings is a work I painted last December, just as news of vaccine approvals was making headlines. It depicts that celestial moment when daybreak begins but the night sky...

Small Things That Have No Words

When my father suffered his first heart attack in October, 1979, other farmers from our township brought their combines to our fields. They harvested our soybeans, loaded them onto their...

Delta Means Change

After getting vaccinated, I had curbed my (maybe unhealthy) fascination with my countys' Department of Health data. And a handful of weeks ago? I had a skip-happy-hand-in-hand-with-the-CDC moment when I...

Waters of Life

Among Judaism’s most ancient traditions is mikveh—the ritual bath. Contrary to popular misconception, ritual immersion is not about “cleansing” oneself from impurity. Rather, it is a ritual of transition, a...


Was it only a year ago that life as we knew it, came to a swift and unexpected halt as, what was then, a strange new virus, Covid-19, was moving...

What now?

Aprat-what now
It’s like closing the door behind us and entering a familiar place we have not visited in a while. We know what we should do, how we should act, but...

Seasons of Love: A Covid Tribute

When I was fearing for my life in a COVID ER unit, I never imagined that a year later I’d be gathering Broadway performers, young adults bereaved by COVID-19, and...

Turning the Corner

Not sure what’s around the corner, but it’s clear we’ve somehow turned the corner on the pandemic. On the road of life, uncertainty is always with us. But when knowledge,...

The Longest Shift

About the Project One year after the first stay-at-home order of the pandemic, workers who never imagined they would be on the front lines are still on the job. These...