By Adrienne Sloane / March 16, 2021

Isolation is a free-motion quilted piece, framed in knitting and executed during this long hard pandemic winter.  One part of a triptych, isolation is a study in how it feels to be isolated while surrounded by the unknowns of contracting a disease that might prove to be of little consequence, on the one hand, or…

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Pandemic House

By Rebecca McGee Tuck / December 16, 2020

On March 15, 2020, we learned that our studios would close because of COVID-19. We had one day to go in and collect what we needed, but for how long—no one knew. I grabbed my sewing machine, various fabrics, yarns, wires, glue and other collage materials. My dining room table became my pandemic studio. It…

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Working through Confusion

By Agusta Agustsson / September 9, 2020

In March when all was confusion and uncertainty I began hand stitching small six-inch pieces. Stitching by hand is rhythmic, like breathing. The pieces reflected my thoughts and experiences in the early months of the pandemic. I walked every day in the Middlesex Fells. The reappearance of young plants as the spring took hold was…

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