LA Orange Delight

By Javier Gutierre  | August 21, 2020

I took this picture in downtown LA between the second and third mile of my late afternoon walk. I saw this woman with bright orange hair as I turned the corner from Seventh to Spring. Her stance was just right, as if I’d posed her. What stood out to me was her amazing hair and how she had done her fingernails to match. The blue mask was perfect as it added the much-needed contrast. I believe in filling the frame as best I can, so it’s important for me to compose my picture well before I release the shutter. I got to the spot I had picked out in my head, took two pictures, and kept on walking without her noticing me. This is the kind of true candid shot I love! (Camera: Fuji XT-3 + Fujinon 18-55 lens at 18mm)


Seen in Downtown LA

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