Recording & Honoring

By Antoinette Winters / March 23, 2021

Individually, or in combination, words have the power to evoke a range of human emotions: joy, humor, fear, grief, hope, love… That power, and how our interpretation of words, texts, and phrases changes according to our circumstances interests me.     In the time of covid was conceived during the initial months of our quarantine.…

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On the Edge of Tomorrow

By Steve Edson / January 1, 2021

Hurtling towards the future, a new day, a new year filled with hope and light in 2021. To all the readers, artists, contributors of The Pandemic Lens, I wish you a safe, happy, and healthy New Year ahead!     Copyright © 2021 Steven Edson Steve EdsonThe camera works to document the external, but more…

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Where Safety Lives

By Holly Harrison / December 17, 2020

When we first began sheltering in place, I stocked up on essentials. I focused on helping family members manage (especially my then 15-year-old daughter and my elderly mom). And then I figured I’d settle into a routine in my studio. Many of my friends were switching into overdrive, devoting uninterrupted hours to making art, and…

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Pandemic House

By Rebecca McGee Tuck / December 16, 2020

On March 15, 2020, we learned that our studios would close because of COVID-19. We had one day to go in and collect what we needed, but for how long—no one knew. I grabbed my sewing machine, various fabrics, yarns, wires, glue and other collage materials. My dining room table became my pandemic studio. It…

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Hoarding Food

By Sydney Cash / December 3, 2020

In March, at the beginning of the pandemic, I felt a strong urge in my bones to start hoarding food. As I contemplated the packages holding the food that would feed us in a time of need, their design and meaning became more interesting to me. I began working with my empty paper food cartons…painting…

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Empty Spaces, Part 1

By Jaina Cipriano / September 25, 2020

Empty Spaces is an archive of this historic time and my reaction to it, but it is also an archive of my history and how it began to leak through my bones as I sat alone for months. I am a photographer, production designer and filmmaker—the common thread is that I am a collaborative artist.…

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