Can You Handle the Heat?

By Emre Sarigul | July 2, 2022

(A Looking Back post: image taken November 2021)

This photograph was taken during the transition period when the UK started to lift COVID restrictions and life began returning to the heart of London. My goal was to show everyday Londoners whose stories are often forgotten. Every day, thousands of people walk through Chinatown and hundreds sitting at the tables of the restaurants without noticing the workers who keep it all ticking. By focusing on the steam on the windows, I wanted to show how these people are the forgotten blurred faces. The water droplets add to the sense of hard work as they can be perceived as sweat. Because London is such a large, densely populated city, it can make you can feel invisible.

Emre Sarigul, London, November 2021


From my NFT series, “London Editions, Part 1.” Click here to see the complete series on OpenSea

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