Artist's images, musings, and observations
about life in the time of corona

Artist's images, musings, and observations about life in the time of corona

Editor's Note

The Pandemic Lens has been idle lately. Coronavirus hasn't been, and the publication is sadly still relevant. Look for more frequent for updates of THE OMICRON EDITION as we make our way through the next phase.

Covid Constrained Compositions 2: Bacilli

Have you ever wondered whether you are truly protected from infectious diseases ranging from the common cold to more deadly threats like rabies or bird flu? When you travel, are...

Friday Night @ the Cadillac, Fresh Version

So today I am sending myself and any listeners an optimistic expression of optimism as we're poised to enter a post vaccine pandemic phase. Can spring be  far away???  ...

Covid Constrained Composition1: Stasis

I had intended my artwork series: “C3 Series – Covid Constrained Composition” to be a geological reflection of the Cornish Jurassic coast in England, referencing Durdle Door, a natural limestone...

LA Pandemic Life, 2

A year into the pandemic and  I'm still documenting street life in the diverse neighborhoods of Los Angeles. I'm interested in the mundane and the everyday as life goes on...


Isolation is a free-motion quilted piece, framed in knitting and executed during this long hard pandemic winter.  One part of a triptych, isolation is a study in how it feels...

Monday “Masks of Boston” 2021 #11

K.Taylor_Pan Dora_3230
Who do you wear a mask for? (Ed. Note: Each Monday, The Pandemic Lens publishes an image from Katherine Taylor’s “Masks of Boston” project. To date, Kathryn has photographed nearly...

Pandemic Traces

These drawings were made during this past year of the COVID-19 pandemic, from March 2020 to March 2021. I think of myself as a landscape painter—I’ve been painting land/seascapes for...

Hope and Light

Levin_Hope Image in Balloon Shop Store Front-4
As a Californian, I realize every day how even in these unprecedented times, there is so much natural beauty reminding me that there is hope and light.  There are people,...

Letting Go of Winter

As some warmer days get sprinkled through March, I can’t help but think of Shakespeare’s opening line in Richard III, Now is the winter of our discontent.  Whether it is...

A Covid Life for The Rabbi Goes West

Last March, Covid-19 crushed the independent movie world. Two major film festivals, South by Southwest and Tribeca, despite much-anticipated world premieres of documentaries and features, were canceled on the spot....