Artist's images, musings, and observations
about life in the time of corona

Artist's images, musings, and observations about life in the time of corona

Social Distancing, Garage Style.

Our garage has taken on a new role during this winter of our discontent. We still use it for storing our car. But with the pandemic forcing us to maintain...

My Pandemic Art Journey

Blue in the Night
In mid-March, we began to shelter in place, not knowing what to expect and most certainly not expecting the lockdown to last this long. When faced with uncertainty, I did...

On Ice

©Valérie Jardin - On Ice-11
In the midst of a pandemic and as the streets remain empty, the frozen lakes and rivers of Minnesota have become my playground. Ice skaters, ice swimmers, ice sailers, ice...

From Hero to Zero

It was the height of the pandemic, the hospital ICUs were filled with COVID-positive patients, respirators were in short supply, everyone was stuck at home due to the lockdown watching...

Monday “Masks of Boston” 2021 #8

Kunga Choyang
19 years old
Occupation: Skater 

Most challenging part of covid19/this time in history?
Everything’s closed.

What has given you strength/ are there any unexpected positives from Covid19?
Stores don’t check ID

Who do you wear a mask for?
COVID-19 vulnerable people 


Who do you wear a mask for? (Ed. Note: Each Monday, The Pandemic Lens publishes an image from Katherine Taylor’s “Masks of Boston” project. To date, Kathryn has photographed nearly...

Half a Million and Counting

ST-Feb DSCF7160
On June 7, 2020, I ventured out of my house with camera in hand for the first time in weeks to document life on the street. The following photo of...

Nardis 2021

Brilliant original musicians (Miles Davis and Bill Evans ) serve as a today's daily refuge and inspiration for this musician playing by himself during the pandemic.    

The Gift of Touch

Remember that old commercial, "Reach Out and Touch Someone"? How quaint it all seems now. And while we all got the message—that “touching” was a metaphor for being connected—today the...

On Either Side of the Window: Portraits During COVID-19

It seems as if life was on hold this past year—for everyone.  I am always straddling my two cultures and identities, as a Lebanese/Palestinian and as an American.  It feels...

Holding On

Holding on… to what, and for what? A coffee? A book?  Families and friends? Ideals? Dreams? Or, life back to normal? We have been hearing too many times to hang...