Artist's images, musings, and observations
about life in the time of corona

Artist's images, musings, and observations about life in the time of corona

Omicron Edition 2022

LA Orange Delight

Gutierre-J OrangeDelight
I took this picture in downtown LA between the second and third mile of my late afternoon walk. I saw this woman with bright orange hair as I turned the...

Viral Vision

PL Icon-PostalWorker copy
For those of us who like to plan ahead, the corona-world has been a brute. Since last February, when this super-flu mushroomed into a pandemic, the future has been hazy....

Escape to Marthas Vineyard

Horizontal color photograph of people wearing face masks on the ferry to Marthas Vineyard, Massachusetts.
Summer with hot sunny days, late sunsets and the harvest from the local farms is in full splendor. Social distancing is easier to do as people can spend more time...

Envisioning Our Isolation

Since the beginning of the year, I have been making a series of paintings that explore plays of light and shadow in empty spaces. Although it was completely intuitive, and...


Crasco-Nancy-Staying at Home-Collage-1.5x9-2020
A chance encounter with a damaged art catalog precipitated a collage project that collided with the pandemic. Early in the year, I found an art catalog on the “free” cart...

Signs of the Times, Collages 4 and 5

I think the most common printed words these days are :1 “No” 2 “Don’t” 3 “Must” and 4 “ Only.” Amazing how they words range from being taken as life-saving/pandemic-curbing...

Connecting Universes

It’s July 2020. The world is in lockdown. Everything has changed. There is nowhere to escape, except maybe in science fiction, which is where I found a way to connect...


I never know what or who I'll encounter as I travel about Cambridge with my camera bag hanging from my shoulder. Some days, Il just plant myself on a corner ...

The Virtual Grandmother

Just you wait, said my friends. Wait until your older kids have kids. You will adore being a grandmother! It’s one of the best times of your life. Well, it...

There Goes the Neighborhood

C. J. Lori_Twilight Flight_oil on canvas_30 x 30 in_1200
I began "Twilight Flight" before the pandemic. It was only the evening sky with a dark wedge across the middle. It sat in my studio for months. On paper, I...