Artist's images, musings, and observations
about life in the time of corona

Artist's images, musings, and observations about life in the time of corona

Editor's Note

The Pandemic Lens has been idle lately. Coronavirus hasn't been, and the publication is sadly still relevant. Look for more frequent for updates of THE OMICRON EDITION as we make our way through the next phase.

Working through Confusion

In March when all was confusion and uncertainty I began hand stitching small six-inch pieces. Stitching by hand is rhythmic, like breathing. The pieces reflected my thoughts and experiences in...

Isolation Blues

Shapter-Isolation Blues
Isolation Blues: keyboard, conch, homemade single-string guitar, Roli Lightpad, rattles. Performed by Headzic, aka John Shapter Headzic · Isolation Blues I am a musician and a performer. When the lockdown...

Mystery Wins

I use Instagram as a rough barometer to show me which of my images of the pandemic appeal the most. Masked faces are the most popular in my feed, but...

The Final Touch

My models for this painting are from a photo I took in the neighborhood, pre-COVID-19. They had been serene and self-assured, moving with certainty, in my unfinished painting from a...

More Corona Moments, Recap

WalkIn-Scooter-Cropped DSCF5797
Just when I think things are starting to look the same, someone interesting finds his or her way into my viewfinder. I'm always on the lookout for interesting masks or...

Lockdown Reboot

JShapter-After the Storm
“Randomly select a word from the dictionary and express it in any way you choose” was the card I pulled from my Arty Farty Creativity Prompts Deck. The random word...

Hope Springs Eternal

C. J. Lori_Spring is in the Air_oil on canvas_24 x 30_2020
It was a curious juxtaposition. It was late April, the height of the Coronavirus outbreak in the Boston area where I live. The news was dreadful daily, increasing numbers of...

My Kind of Isolation

The lockdown has been especially hard for me.  A motion designer, I was easily able to transition to working from home and sharing work via the cloud. But part of...

Invisible Spreading: Virus and Art

Prat_Adriana_Invisible spreading
In an earlier post (Waiting for This to End: My “Pandemic days” Project), I mentioned how at the beginning of the pandemic creating new art felt superfluous and I was...

Pandemic Trickle Down Economy

At this time of the year, Harvard Square is typically teeming with people moving en masse, which benefits street musicians like Peter Pobodry. A fixture in the Square, Peter is...