Artist's images, musings, and observations
about life in the time of corona

Artist's images, musings, and observations about life in the time of corona

Omicron Edition 2022

One Canvas, Two Realities

When I created Pangean Dream earlier this year, my goal was to produce a surreal study of extreme contrasts. Like all of my composite artwork, Pangean Dream began with literal...

Where Safety Lives

The completed doll house (interior) on a table in my studio
When we first began sheltering in place, I stocked up on essentials. I focused on helping family members manage (especially my then 15-year-old daughter and my elderly mom). And then...

Pandemic House

On March 15, 2020, we learned that our studios would close because of COVID-19. We had one day to go in and collect what we needed, but for how long—no...


During this extended time of COVID we find ways to quiet our mind, settle our heart, leave the day behind. Like snow falling in the woods, a gentle hiss as...

Methodological Irrationality

Benjamin_Arizmendi_The Consolations Of Prediction
The role of science in the pandemic has been a good context for reflecting on and articulating my artistic practice. I believe abstract artists have a duty to develop aesthetic...

Into the Abyss and Back

SBennett-Microworlds 1
This video was created four years before COVID-19 struck, as a multimedia arts project. Now that there's an end in sight, given the vaccine and a new administration, the video...

Survivor’s Guilt

SBennett-Trapped in a Melting World-PC
Saturday night, March 14, 2020: My husband Jim coughed. Monday morning, March 16, 2020: I coughed. We got tested during the few days in Massachusetts between when Covid-19 testing opened...

Masks of Boston, Part 3

Sarah Mitchell
34 years old
Occupation: Director of Supporter Engagement at 🏳️‍🌈 .

Most challenging part of Covid19/this time in history?
I’m a person in recovery and it’s been tough to see so many people in our community struggling. A lot of our usual resources revolve around coming together in community. While many groups have done a great job of going online, for lots of us it’s just not the same - you can’t grab a coffee before a meeting or give a hug to a recovery friend who might be struggling. For many of us, our addictions thrive in isolation. There’s a lot of folks out there right now facing huge challenges in their recovery because of this.

What has given you strength/ are there any unexpected positives from Covid19?
I’m a Buddhist and a meditator, and there’s this thing happening with myself and others which reminds me a lot of what happens when I go on a meditation retreat. This pandemic has helped to wack our priorities into place. Similar to going on retreat, where you’re cut off from all communication and everyone you know, you start to see a little more clearly what really matters and what really doesn’t. 
Also, having Frankie my dog by my side has been an absolute lifesaver.

Who do you wear a mask for?
I wear a mask for my very dear friend Lia, who has a chronic lung disease and will only be able to move freely in the world once we’re past this curve and have a vaccine.
 Who do you wear a mask for? ( Ed. Note: This is the third installment of  a series of posts covering Katherine Taylor’s “Masks of Boston” project. The following images...

Big Time. Small Time.

Tarlin 4 Patience
A year ago, my husband and I were preparing to move from Massachusetts to Maine. I was organizing my painting studio in preparation for closing it, visiting with friends for...

Life in the Covid Fog

Horizontal color photograph of a childrens playground at dawn with fog. Belmont, MA
We live in a fog induced by Covid, and our lives are in distress and significantly altered. Very little is normal right now. We turn on the news and listen...