Artist's images, musings, and observations
about life in the time of corona

Artist's images, musings, and observations about life in the time of corona

Omicron Edition 2022

The Gift of Touch

Remember that old commercial, "Reach Out and Touch Someone"? How quaint it all seems now. And while we all got the message—that “touching” was a metaphor for being connected—today the...

On Either Side of the Window: Portraits During COVID-19

It seems as if life was on hold this past year—for everyone.  I am always straddling my two cultures and identities, as a Lebanese/Palestinian and as an American.  It feels...

Holding On

Holding on… to what, and for what? A coffee? A book?  Families and friends? Ideals? Dreams? Or, life back to normal? We have been hearing too many times to hang...

On the Bridge of Sighs

As an architect, I am interested in how people move through space. Essential to this perspective is the passage of time. COVID-19 has brought us to a “new normal” and...

Monday “Masks of Boston” 2021 #7

Nick Resnick
23 years old 
Occupation: Computer Engineer

Most challenging part of Covid19/this time in history?
Watching innocent lives be torn and thrashed and pulled to their limits with no way to help them. Watching friends and family scared to leave their room for nobody knowing what could happen if they did. It’s a scary time in our lives, that nobody could of ever predicted to happen, but these are the times we show our strength and work together to protect each other. 

What has given you strength/ are there any unexpected positives from Covid19?
Postives: Teaching me patience and understanding of a bigger picture than just myself and my health being at stake. It’s really hard to say much has given me strength through these times, the only way is taking it day by day.

Who do you wear a mask for?
I wear a mask for my family and your family and every ones family. Slowly but surely, the more persistent we are, the faster we are able to overcome this epidemic once and for all.
Who do you wear a mask for? (Ed. Note: Each Monday, The Pandemic Lens publishes an image from Katherine Taylor’s “Masks of Boston” project. To date, Kathryn has photographed nearly...

Love in the Time of Covid

MPoroy-Love Around the Corner-1000px
It’s like traveling to a foreign country, where you know absolutely no one, are confused about the customs, and don’t speak the language. If you are a couple, well, here...

From the Heart

MParoy-Milagro Heart-1000px
I started the heart series before the pandemic with no goal other than making something beautiful and decorative. The series was an experiment in form and color. But as the...

The Pandemic and My Work

Vision 1 IMG_20210122_100821_004
I perceive the pandemic as a diffuse threat and a restriction on many opportunities for action and encounter in my life. Only one thing remains unrestricted: my work in the...

Spiraling: Life in a Pandemic

So many thoughts and emotions around COVID-19.  I had to paint it out—this emotional tempest in my mind. Our lives literally spiraling out of our control, our privileged lives restricted....

Envisioning our Isolation II

The following paintings continue a series that I started around the time Covid-19 entered our lives. The work extends my meditation on the loneliness and melancholia brought about by the...