Artist's images, musings, and observations
about life in the time of corona

Artist's images, musings, and observations about life in the time of corona

Editor's Note

The Pandemic Lens has been idle lately. Coronavirus hasn't been, and the publication is sadly still relevant. Look for more frequent for updates of THE OMICRON EDITION as we make our way through the next phase.


Isolation II, oil & cold wax on wood, 28x22
It was mid March and the concern that the world would face a serious pandemic had turned from “a possibility” into an undeniable “reality.” My trip to Ireland for an...

American Dream. . .or Pandemic Nightmare?

After over 20 years of ownership changes, construction delays, and financial and legal challenges, the American Dream Mall was slated to open, finally, in March 2020, but then was forced...

Universal Connection

F228 Jericho 42 x 33
Bill Oakes, my late husband, would have had a lot to say about the pandemic and the role of artists in helping people to process what COVID 19 has wrought...

Dinner is Served

I couldn’t resist substituting a mask for my napkin at a recent dinner get together with two if our neighbors in the “Driveway Bistro” (a parking space replete with designer...

Brother Pine

In late March, I went for a long walk at the Mass Audubon Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary in Natick. Throughout the winter, I had found myself particularly focused on the only...

The Stories of the Great Flu of 2019

We must use the lessons of history to save us. We must use them in practical terms and in artistic terms. Although it seems now that much of the leadership...

More Corona Moments: Weekly Recap

Sightseers-DSCF5411 copy
The last week has been pretty much the same non-normal=new normal equation, at least in my neck of the woods (Cambridge and Boston MA). I'm still finding the relatively empty...

Undercover in the Age of Droplets

In ordinary times I create large paintings in an enormous studio in the South End of Boston. During the Covid-19 pandemic, however, I have been drawing, painting, collaging and photographing...

LA Orange Delight

Gutierre-J OrangeDelight
I took this picture in downtown LA between the second and third mile of my late afternoon walk. I saw this woman with bright orange hair as I turned the...

Viral Vision

PL Icon-PostalWorker copy
For those of us who like to plan ahead, the corona-world has been a brute. Since last February, when this super-flu mushroomed into a pandemic, the future has been hazy....