Artist's images, musings, and observations
about life in the time of corona

Artist's images, musings, and observations about life in the time of corona

Omicron Edition 2022

A Covid Life for The Rabbi Goes West

Last March, Covid-19 crushed the independent movie world. Two major film festivals, South by Southwest and Tribeca, despite much-anticipated world premieres of documentaries and features, were canceled on the spot....

Generation Gap

It was a lovely day on the Jersey Shore. Not a cloud in the sky. The temperatures were pushing 60. And the people came out to walk the boardwalk in Asbury...

Subjects Close at Hand

To Be Unwrapped in Spring_Acrylic_36x24_2021
As the pandemic approached one year, I found myself struggling to find subject matter that seemed relevant to the times and to me. Before Covid, I was painting subjects from...

Monday “Masks of Boston” 2021 #10

K.Taylor_Henry Keon_0309
Who do you wear a mask for? (Ed. Note: Each Monday, The Pandemic Lens publishes an image from Katherine Taylor’s “Masks of Boston” project. To date, Kathryn has photographed nearly...

Creating Marking Lives COVID-19

Marking Lives Collection
In December 2020, after nine months of COVID-19 deaths, I woke to the unsettling statistic that 270,000 people in the U.S. had died. The lives lost were simply numbers on...

Pandemic Portraits in Brooklyn

All photos taken in Sunset Park and Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn The pandemic has obviously been a tough time for street photography. People are masked and less is happening outdoors. It’s...

Life in Transit, Madrid

In Madrid, Spain, where I live, I document the everyday behavior of my fellow citizens as they go about their daily live while attending to the recommendations that will help...

Discretion (Still) Advised

Saw this while waiting for my drink at Simon's Coffee in Cambridge, MA, which is take out only.  A good reminder that we still need to be vigilant until enough...

Sub Zero Social Distancing

Cold as ice
As Covid came to Norway, and then throughout the lockdown, it felt as if the walls around me were closing in. The house where we spent almost every hour of...

Poetry of the Shadows

A new recent painting envisioning our isolation during the time of Covid. This one evokes the poetics of light and dark, a good metaphor, I think, for our experience of...