Pandemic Portraits in Brooklyn

By James Maher | March 6, 2021

All photos taken in Sunset Park and Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn

The pandemic has obviously been a tough time for street photography. People are masked and less is happening outdoors. It’s been tougher to travel around the city. But it’s also become an opportunity and has changed how I shoot.


James Maher, Pandemic Portraits 1, Brooklyn, NY


I had been focusing on a project in Brooklyn around where I live, but the pandemic really hit home–this is what I should be doing as much as possible, I realized.

James Maher, Pandemic Portraits 2, Brooklyn, NY

One of the aspects of the project that I wanted to work on was building a set of portraits. However, I stayed away from this in the early pandemic days for obvious reasons, but after a while I realized this was the way to go. So I started stopping people and talking to them and asking them for their picture in my neighborhood of Sunset Park.


James Maher, Pandemic Portraits 3, Brooklyn, NY


I thought at first that people would be more wary because of the virus, but the opposite was true. I’ve never had a higher success rate with people saying yes to me. It turns out I’m not the only one looking for a connection out there; they are too, and some fabulous experiences and connections have resulted from this endeavor. Each portrait makes my day and that seems to be true for the subjects as well.


James Maher, Pandemic Portraits 4, Brooklyn, NY


James Maher, Pandemic Portraits 5, Brooklyn, NY


James Maher, Pandemic Portraits 6, Brooklyn, NY


James Maher, Pandemic Portraits 7, Brooklyn, NY


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