Photo Foray into Two Parks

By Steve Bennett | September 24, 2020

Some days I document the pandemic in my area, Cambridge, Massachusetts, by remaining stationary on a street corner or some other vantage point and just waiting for interesting people to walk, ride, or drive by. This technique is productive when I’m on a major street that’s teeming with activity. Other days I’m on the go, on foot or on bicycle, actively looking for subjects. The on-the-go approach works well for me when I’m photographing in parks–I never know who I’ll meet around the bend, and that adds to the excitement. These images came about by walking around Danehy Park and Riverbend Park.


Nothing is stopping this incognito woman


Head gear and face gear for the safe recumbent bike rider.


Absorbed in a sound cloud.


Extinction Rebellion protest along Riverbend Park.

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