Masks of Boston, Part 3

By Katherine Taylor | December 10, 2020

 Who do you wear a mask for?

( Ed. Note: This is the third installment of  a series of posts covering Katherine Taylor’s “Masks of Boston” project. The following images are a sample of the nearly 300 people that Katherine has photographed to date. Visit Masks of Boston to read the profile of each person and learn who they wear a mask for.)


“Masks of Boston:” Sarah Mitchell, 34 years old, Director of Support Engagement at ©2020 Katherine Taylor


“Masks of Boston,” Kunga Choyang, 19 years old, Skater ©2020 Katherine Taylor


“Masks of Boston,” Nerlande Sanon Taveras – “Nellie”, 28 years old, Dispatcher for Transdev ©2020 Katherine Taylor


“Masks of Boston,” Andrew Selzer, 32 years old, Programmer/Swing Dance Instructor/Owner of Boston Lindy Hop ©2020 Katherine Taylor


“Masks of Boston,” Cadence M., 13 years old, Student ©2020 Katherine Taylor


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Copyright © 2020 Katherine Taylor
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