Going Dental in the Pandemic Age

By Steve Bennett | July 27, 2020

A couple of months ago, the idea of going to the dentist was inconceivable. A talk with Dr. Chang, a prosthodontist and faculty member at Harvard University’s School of Dental Medicine, convinced me that a visit for a checkup and cleaning was safe. Beyond stringent check-in steps for patients and meticulous room sanitization before and after each procedure, the @dentalrestorativegroup (DRG) staff wears full protective gear from head to toe–surgical scrub cap, medical grade N95 mask covered by a standard surgical mask, face shield, full body PPE, and gloves.


To top it off, each of the DRG offices is equipped with an interesting device, the intake of which you can see in front of Dr. Chang. The intake connects to an industrial-looking vacuum unit mounted on a dolly. The vacuum draws air from the patient’s face into a system that includes microbe-trapping HEPA filters and microbe-zapping UV-C light.

Seeing all this gives me hope that between stringent processes, cooperation, and the clever use of technology, some semblance of normality may return to certain parts of our lives.

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