Inflection Point 2020

By Steve Bennett | December 28, 0202

As we close on 2020 amidst an incredible surge in COVID-19 cases and deaths, I find this image particularly germane. I took the photo a year ago while exploring the Ubehebee Crater in Death Valley. To me, it symbolizes our choices in a post COVID-19 world. All expert opinions point to a rough stretch in the immediate weeks ahead, but with the vaccine and responsible leadership there’s hope that life will return to some semblance of normality by this time next year.  And with that return (I don’t think life will every be the same), we’ll have choices to make. Will we simply carry on and relegate the horrors of 2020 to  nightmare that’s past. Or will we deal with the structural inequities, instiutiotnalized racism, and other deep-rooted problems that the pandemic has laid bare?  We stand, literally and figuratively, at an inflection point. Slip into back into darkness or work towards the light.  I’ve said in my previous posts,  choose to look to the light—that’s my perspective.


Steve Bennett, “Perspective”


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