Spiraling: Life in a Pandemic

By Tonya Brami / February 11, 2021

So many thoughts and emotions around COVID-19.  I had to paint it out—this emotional tempest in my mind. Our lives literally spiraling out of our control, our privileged lives restricted.     The spiral, bottom left, literally 2020 spiraling out of control. Collaged fragments of topographic maps from places we didn’t travel. A stylized COVID…

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Envisioning our Isolation II

By Allan Gorman / February 10, 2021

The following paintings continue a series that I started around the time Covid-19 entered our lives. The work extends my meditation on the loneliness and melancholia brought about by the pandemic. The new paintings are inspired by the plays of shadows and light, and the emptiness we find in our profoundly changed environments.    …

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By Nakia Young / February 5, 2021

“Limbs” is a series created during the pandemic year of 2020 that I have continued into 2021 to express my lingering questions about a new beginning. Many times, I have said to myself, “When will this pandemic be over? Will it really be over even when we can be around others with no mask and…

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Scorched Earth

By Linde Caughey / February 3, 2021

Scorched Earth is about the fires in California that have increased in number and size year after year as our climate continues to be compromised. In the year 2020, I began to see scorched earth destruction everywhere…thousands of preventable covid 19 deaths…continued racial horror… and outright attempted destruction of our Democracy. This was scorched earth…

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Our Face of Ours is Revealed in the New Year

By Jennifer Jean Okumura / January 30, 2021

Art and its ability to elevate people inspire me and how I perceived 2020 felt like every day for creatives. On some level, art is life—telling a story or simply creating is our lives. As artists, we are in tune with the activity of those, both past and present, who push the envelope to the…

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Finding Meaning in Feathers

By Joanne Tarlin / January 29, 2021

We can only speculate and wonder what the parrot-like petroglyphs in the North American Southwest, dated 5000 BC, or the ibis in Egyptian art, from 2000 BC, symbolized to their creators. We do know from later periods, cultures across the globe have attributed varied associations to them; from cranes and doves, to crows and eagles,…

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A Prayer in the Time of the Pandemic

By Kasey Kaufman / January 28, 2021

During Covid, it’s been challenging, at times, for me to make art, to quiet my thoughts and stop doom-scrolling on Twitter. The practice of daily painting has helped. But what has brought me the most peace and inspiration are the long walks I take with my dog in the woods and hiking trails around New…

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Falling into Winter

By C.J. Lori / January 26, 2021

For many weeks, it was a glorious fall in Greater Boston. Knowing this time was fleeting, I tried to capture it in this painting. The leaves were changing color and falling, the number of Covid cases was falling, and the Trump administration was falling. Hope was in the air.       We continued our…

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Hope Stayed in the Box

By Loel Kathmann / January 24, 2021

My paintings are my diary. And my diary is part therapy, part meditation, part practice in gratitude. Far less Pollyanna and far more survivalist, this brand of gratitude is simply the art of drawing attention to something lovely—an especially useful practice when immersed in an experience that is anything but. The pandemic experience lends itself…

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By Sharon Oakes / January 20, 2021

(This post refers to works by my late husband, Bill Oakes, a visionary, educator, and prolific painter.) This is an illustration Bill did for a newspaper.  I named it “Allegiance.”  Although Bill drew the piece years ago, it seems perfect for today’s inaugural even I hope all of the countries of the world can experience…

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