No Audience

By Rolf Abendroth / January 9, 2021

A small theater selected a work of mine for the drama Tor und Tod by Hugo v. Hofmannsthal. A large-format stage design was created as a background. During theater rehearsals at TheaterLabor TraumGesicht Düsseldorf, inspired by the scenes, more works developed. Then came the performance ban due to the coronavirus pandemic. The stage room stayed…

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Frontliner Paints Through COVID-19

By Jacqueline Pflaum-Carlson / January 6, 2021

In late Februrary, health care workers and lay people alike heard the first inklings of the presence of the COVID-19 virus on the shores of the continental US. Physician groups across social media were sounding the alarm and posting photos of their tired, exhausted faces in states like Washington and Oregon. Affected physicians were providing…

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Light in the Dark

By Jo Smith / January 3, 2021

I ran a small art gallery and studio for eleven years but was forced to close when the pandemic hit. Then, as the days shortened and I dreaded the coming of winter and being stuck indoors, I started sketching outside more. It was revelatory! I felt such a renewed and powerful connection to nature that…

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Mixed Blessings and Hidden Gifts

By June Shapter / December 31, 2020

It’s New Year, a traditional time for review and reassessment for many of us, and I for one am considering the ways in which this new year needs to be remodelled, not so much seeking a return to normal, more about establishing a new normal in light of the emotional impact of the past year.…

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As 2020 Leaves

By C.J. Lori / December 31, 2020

As we say goodbye to 2020, we reflect on all we have lost and all we still hope for. I remembered this painting and felt it captured my thoughts. Like this willow, several of the trees I’ve painted over the years no longer exist. For a while, I thought perhaps I wielded the brush of…

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Diving into 2021

By Joanne Tarlin / December 29, 2020

The turmoil and tumults of the too many tragedies during 2020 will hopefully dissipate during 2021.  In Turbulence and Among Fractures, Life Goes On, recently completed, sums up my year, one thankfully tempered by residing in the sublime beauty of Maine.     Copyright © 2020 Joanne Tarlin Joanne TarlinJoanne Tarlin paints atmospheric, abstract, and…

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Painting My Way Out

By Jay Samit / December 28, 2020

I’m continuing to paint through my quarantine, hopeful that the vaccine will give me the keys to freedom in the new year. Here’s another sampling of pieces from previous days. Day 180 Conformity is a modern suburban landscape I painted to celebrate my stint of sheltering-in-place.   Day 195 Double Dutch. The simple joys of childhood…

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By Kim Craig / December 27, 2020

Archeologists often assemble ancient stones to tell a story of a civilization past. What will they tell of our empire? Will there be anything left to piece together? I like to think about the rise and fall of ancient societies. What secrets can we learn from the ruins of old cities? In the past, pandemics…

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Purple and Green

By Paul Pedulla / December 23, 2020

In 2020, my studio became the only place I could escape the stress of the pandemic. I’d paint joy for hours, often beach cottages and sweeping ocean views. I’d forget about the troubled world outside my door. Then came the George Floyd murder in late May. My emotional response drew me back to my studio…

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Big Time. Small Time.

By Joanne Tarlin / December 10, 2020

A year ago, my husband and I were preparing to move from Massachusetts to Maine. I was organizing my painting studio in preparation for closing it, visiting with friends for holiday parties, and finalizing last-minute details for my daughter’s wedding. It all seems a very long time ago. Now, settling into our new home near…

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