Finding Meaning in Feathers

By Joanne Tarlin | January 29, 2021

We can only speculate and wonder what the parrot-like petroglyphs in the North American Southwest, dated 5000 BC, or the ibis in Egyptian art, from 2000 BC, symbolized to their creators. We do know from later periods, cultures across the globe have attributed varied associations to them; from cranes and doves, to crows and eagles, birds have symbolized both the auspicious and the foreboding.
These works, created since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, were inspired by watching the many birds where I live soar, hunt, dive, stand in solitude, and flock together. They are drawings of fragility, relationships, confinement, and open spaces, and of tenacity and grace.


Joanne Tarlin, Safety in Numbers, No More,  oil on paper, 30″x 22.5″ 2021


Joanne Tarlin, We are all Vulnerable, oil on paper, 30″x 22.5″ 2021

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