By Nakia Young | February 5, 2021

“Limbs” is a series created during the pandemic year of 2020 that I have continued into 2021 to express my lingering questions about a new beginning. Many times, I have said to myself, “When will this pandemic be over? Will it really be over even when we can be around others with no mask and social distancing? If so, will we really want to be around other people?” The frustration and lingering questions in my mind inspired me to create images of what I believe life after these devastating times will be like.

I think that in post-pandemic life some people will still isolate and be cautious, but everyone will have a new appreciation for nature. Rather than being attached to the people we once were around, we have become more in tune with and connected to ourselves and more identified with nature. The old way of connecting with people through hugs and handshakes has been replaced by the limbs of the trees.


Nakia Young, “Limbs” series, Digital mixed media 2020


Nakia Young, “Limbs” series, ink, 7”x10” 2020


Nakia Young, “Limbs,” paper collage, 9”x12” 2021


Nakia Young, “Limbs” series, ink, 7”x10” 2020


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