Purple and Green

By Paul Pedulla / December 23, 2020

In 2020, my studio became the only place I could escape the stress of the pandemic. I’d paint joy for hours, often beach cottages and sweeping ocean views. I’d forget about the troubled world outside my door. Then came the George Floyd murder in late May. My emotional response drew me back to my studio…

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Big Time. Small Time.

By Joanne Tarlin / December 10, 2020

A year ago, my husband and I were preparing to move from Massachusetts to Maine. I was organizing my painting studio in preparation for closing it, visiting with friends for holiday parties, and finalizing last-minute details for my daughter’s wedding. It all seems a very long time ago. Now, settling into our new home near…

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Split Second

By Tanya Hayes Lee / December 9, 2020

As we slog through these long months of Covid and, now, the darkest time of the year when the ancient fear that the sun will disappear forever still lurks in some part of our brains, I am nonetheless reminded that everything can change—in a split second.     The text that says a grandchild has…

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The Getaway, Part 2

By C.J. Lori / December 8, 2020

For a week near the end of September, my husband and I escaped to outer Cape Cod (see my previous post, The Getaway, Part 1).  While walking in marshes, woods and on beaches, there were many times—seconds, minutes, maybe even an hour—of not thinking about the pandemic, job hunting, and related worries. One of our…

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Actions Have Consequences

By Yeside Linney / November 29, 2020

The UK is now counting down the days to the biggest fall out in the nation’s history. Not only are we leaving the European Union, but the threat of leaving without a deal is imminent. A “no deal” Brexit does what it says on the tin. It means the UK and the EU are unable…

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The Getaway, Part 1

By C.J. Lori / November 20, 2020

It was the time of year we most look forward to—early fall, when we would typically travel to Europe or take a cottage on outer Cape Cod. Clearly, our original thoughts of Nordic adventures were out. And with my husband already more than three months out of work, could we realistically splurge on a couple…

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By Bennett Gewirtz / November 17, 2020

For the past few years my work has been influenced by the time I spent in a part-time job at local Home Depots.  As I walked around the store, in my mind’s eye, I saw colors, shapes, patterns, lighting and objects that came together to create what I called a “paintable moment.” I photographed these…

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Night Walk

By Julie Lawrence / November 15, 2020

These images are from a body of drawings and paintings that I created during lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Nightwalker series pastel drawings record a passing sense of myself during an isolated evening walk.       Walking has always been a key activity for me. My working process has begun to change…

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Quarantine Portrait

By Emily Toomey / November 12, 2020

Although I almost always paint in oils, during quarantine I had the strange urge to use watercolors for the first time in more than eight years. With all of the noise and stress in the world, switching to a new medium gave me a sense of calm and focus that I really needed. Quarantine Portrait…

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United We Stand

By Sharon Oakes / November 6, 2020

(This post refers to works by my late husband, Bill Oakes, a visionary, educator, and prolific painter.)   It’s a good thing Bill didn’t live in these surreal times. He was so sensitive and always looked for the best in people. He would have been shocked and saddened by what is happening, as are many…

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