A Turkish Hospital: Pandemic Photos

By Engin Ayyildiz | March 11, 2022

When the pandemic struck, I had the chance to photograph the treatment processes of COVID-19 patients who came to the hospital where I work in Turkey. Since I’m a serious photographer, the pandemic presented a rare opportunity to combine my professional interests with my passion for photographic arts.  In this series, I captured some of the most difficult moments of my colleagues. I hope these documentary studies, taken in 2020, 2021, and 2022, will remain long after the pandemic has receded.


Administering a COVID-19 PCR test. (Photo by Engin Ayyildiz)


A medical team visits an elderly patient at her home to administer a PCR test. (Photo by Engin Ayyildiz)


Nurse preparing medicine for a COVID-19 patient. (Photo by Engin Ayyildiz)


This COVID patient has been treated and a nurse is measuring her blood pressure. (Photo by Engin Ayyildiz)


The spread of the disease in the lungs of a patient was filmed on a tomography device. (Photo by Engin Ayyildiz)


The anesthesia team, wearing protective clothing, prepares a patient for surgery. (Photo by Engin Ayyildiz)


The anesthesiologist sweats because of the protective mask and protective equipment. This photo shows  the challenges of  health workers who sometimes must work in their protective gear for hours. (Photo by Engin Ayyildiz)


This is to me the most significant photo of the collection,  I photographed the moment when the mother with COVID disease was taken to emergency surgery and gave birth to her baby by cesarean section. The joy of a new life in such difficult times! (Engin Ayyildiz)


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