As 2020 Leaves

By C.J. Lori | December 31, 2020

As we say goodbye to 2020, we reflect on all we have lost and all we still hope for. I remembered this painting and felt it captured my thoughts. Like this willow, several of the trees I’ve painted over the years no longer exist. For a while, I thought perhaps I wielded the brush of doom. Of course, many more of the trees I have painted still exist, but we are all wired to notice what’s gone. As I am often forced to do, I remembered my tiny place in the universe, and I embraced the randomness of life.


C.J. Lori, Winter Getaway, oil on cradled panel, 30″ x 30″ x 2″ 2012


It is too easy to take things personally, and too hard. My dad taught me to keep things in perspective and maintain the long view. I still lean on that. I let go of 2020 knowing this too shall pass. With hope in my heart that we will learn and grow from these challenges, and the belief that in a year we will be hugging our family and friends again.

(Winter Getaway  is currently on loan to WBUR Boston, through the Fort Point Arts Community Lending Program.)


Copyright © 2020 C.J. Lori
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