Signs of the Times, Collages 1-3

By Steve Bennett | July 29, 2020

When the business lockdown started, I started taking pictures of signs on the inside of doors and windows of shops in the North Cambridge and Somerville, MA area. Some stores have since reopened, carefully and slowly, and with stringent procedures. Others are open by appointment only. And some remain in limbo, waiting.

After assembling a good number of images, it occurred to me that collages would have more impact than individual signs in conveying how small businesses around here are struggling to recalibrate their gyroscopes and navigate the Covidian terrain. I’m balancing signage ranging from notices with precise graphics and typography to handwritten notes. The tone ranges from procedural warnings to heartfelt pleas. Occasionally some humor creeps in. Here are collages 1-3.

Signs of the Times, 1


Signs of the Times, 2


Signs of the Times, 3




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