Invisible Spreading: Virus and Art

By Adriana G Prat / August 31, 2020

In an earlier post (Waiting for This to End: My “Pandemic days” Project), I mentioned how at the beginning of the pandemic creating new art felt superfluous and I was stuck. I wondered what the role of an artist should be during a crisis as extraordinary as the one we were, and still are, living…

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By Atossa Rahmanifar / August 29, 2020

It was mid March and the concern that the world would face a serious pandemic had turned from “a possibility” into an undeniable “reality.” My trip to Ireland for an advanced cold wax painting workshop got cancelled. In a matter of days, we went into complete shutdown. I started painting even more! I had completed…

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Universal Connection

By Sharon Oakes / August 27, 2020

Bill Oakes, my late husband, would have had a lot to say about the pandemic and the role of artists in helping people to process what COVID 19 has wrought on our collective psyche. Here are two examples of his work that are relevant to current times. Bill painted “Ps 91:1” (the original 911 call)…

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Brother Pine

By C.J. Lori / August 25, 2020

In late March, I went for a long walk at the Mass Audubon Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary in Natick. Throughout the winter, I had found myself particularly focused on the only green growth to behold, the pines. I had never been so visually arrested by them in the past, and looking back, perhaps I had taken…

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Pandemia 3

By Anne Beinecke / August 24, 2020

“Pandemia 3” is one in a series of paintings that are snapshots of sorts of particular moments in time. The experience of looking out at the pandemic world through a window, television or computer screen during those first few months was for me softened by a cat walking across the keyboard to remind me that…

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Envisioning Our Isolation

By Allan Gorman / August 18, 2020

Since the beginning of the year, I have been making a series of paintings that explore plays of light and shadow in empty spaces. Although it was completely intuitive, and a logical extension of some previous work, I feel the paintings evoke the poignancy of our forced solitary existence and the loneliness we all feel…

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There Goes the Neighborhood

By C.J. Lori / August 12, 2020

I began “Twilight Flight” before the pandemic. It was only the evening sky with a dark wedge across the middle. It sat in my studio for months. On paper, I sketched a scene with several houses, a road and oversized trees on a chunk of land floating away. When the lockdown came, I painted my…

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Shelter from the Storm

By Carolyn Rhinebarger / August 7, 2020

Shelter has taken on a whole new meaning in the time of Covid. Stay-at-home orders were, at first, nothing short of terrifying. Never in my lifetime had I faced such a serious, yet invisible, threat. As days stretched into weeks, I both dreaded and eagerly anticipated the news. I was compelled to check the counts…

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How Covid Changed My Art Practice

By Michael Benari / August 6, 2020

Most of my previous artistic work involved photography, shooting in black and white, usually film, but also digital. In the past, many of my photographic projects involved travel to New York and other places in the U.S., as well as travel abroad. But Covid-19 restrictions forced me to re-examine my practice. The pandemic reality has…

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Summer in the City

By Tanya Hayes Lee / July 25, 2020

The summer of 2020 will live in our collective memory for decades to come. A global pandemic becoming more deadly by the day, a country beginning its reckoning with centuries of abuse and racism, potential worldwide economic collapse, a new, more powerful women’s rights movement just in its fragile infancy, and the world’s foremost democracy…

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