Deeper Meanings #017 – Unknown Self

By Jonathan Gallagher | February 26, 2022

The pandemic changed a lot of things for a lot of us. In October 2020, I left Berlin after living there for six years and was about to move to Tokyo. I decided to travel via the UK, as that’s where I’m from, to see family, take care of my visa, and store my belongings. Unfortunately, the delta variant happened two weeks before my flight, shutting down travel from the UK effective immediately, visa or not. Soon after, almost all nations were in similar situations. That was December 2020. Now, in early 2022, my hopes are still lifted and then dashed from month to month as border restrictions continue tightening into their second year. During this time, I find myself in peaceful natural surroundings. As a conceptual street photographer, this is quite a change. For now, I’m enjoying building my knowledge and presence behind the scenes, in anticipation of changes ahead.

Jonathan Gallagher, Deeper Meanings #017 – Unknown Self


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