Letting Go of Winter

By C.J. Lori | March 12, 2021

As some warmer days get sprinkled through March, I can’t help but think of Shakespeare’s opening line in Richard III, Now is the winter of our discontent.  Whether it is the minor struggles of cabin fever and too many Zooms, or the major devastation of lost lives and jobs, we are all tired and sad and frustrated. Yet we are also poised to move forward and anxious for spring, the season of hope and renewal.


C.J. Lori, A Clearing in the Woods, oil on canvas, 20″ x 30″ ©2021


A Clearing in the Woods is my attempt to find the beauty and fascination in those days where the wind blows cold and there is no snow to brighten the landscape. In paint, I delight in the intricacies of bare branches and imagine my husband poking at a campfire. Some trees are leaving, as they always do, though maybe not in the way that I portray them. Some may find this painting melancholic, others may find it uplifting. I am on a metaphoric swing that carries me back and forth between the two. I am hopeful that when I become eligible and get the vaccine, my swing will remain in the uplifted position.


Copyright © 2021 C.J. Lori
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