My Pandemic Art Journey

By Maria Poroy | February 25, 2021

In mid-March, we began to shelter in place, not knowing what to expect and most certainly not expecting the lockdown to last this long. When faced with uncertainty, I did as you’d expect and froze up like a deer in the headlights. Then I began to Marie Kondo my sock drawer, moving on to a general purge and organize binge. Next, I rearranged supplies and reference materials and prepped canvases. I call that “getting ready to get ready.” I trusted the spell would be broken and I could get right to painting without being delayed by those boring preparations.

And the spell did lift a bit with the beginning of a painting that was experimental and apocalyptic. As I worked through my emotions, everything started to right itself and my mood improved, too. It was Genesis, not the end of the world.  In the Beginning, like all my work, starts in reality and ends up somewhere else, transformed by the lens of my experience. In this case, it was the pandemic lens!


Maria Poroy, In the Beginning, mixed media acrylic on canvas, 20″x26″ 2020


I believe that the best work evokes strong emotion because emotion is embedded in the paint. Color is the shorthand language of emotion and I moved into blues, and peace.


Maria Poroy, Blue in the Night, acrylic on canvas, 30″X30″ 2020


With no prospect of travel, I was fueled by memories of favorite places. With Journey to Red Rocks, I shared the vortex in Sedona and its energy. Churchill spoke of depression as the “black dog” but I find the Covid world to be subdued and grey. To counteract it I wanted MORE! More color. More texture. More spice and louder music. This would be my cure and what I would share to help lift up others. That is the “why” of a red tree where you wouldn’t expect it.


Maria Poroy, Journey to Red Rocks, mixed media and acrylic on canvas, 24″X36″ 2020


We were hit by wildfires, and I painted the sky the colors of the magenta flame retardant they dropped on our hills. I translated emotion into non-traditional heart images to portray the interpersonal challenges we were working though.


Maria Poroy, The Sentinel, acrylic on canvas, 24″X36″ 2020


And now, with the hope and promise of Spring I have turned to flowers. I have substituted social media for galleries and receptions, and have posted paintings in various stages for my friends and followers. I have solicited help in naming the finished painting. I feel very connected and thankful in spite of everything.


Maria Poroy, Standing Together, mixed media and acrylic on canvas, 20″x20″ 2020


Copyright © 2021 Maria Poroy
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  1. Elizabeth Murray on March 10, 2021 at 5:44 pm

    These are very lovely paintings. I too have been painting a great deal firming this pandemic- mostly trees & woodlands. A great gift of joy & meaning.

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