By Oky Díaz | January 22, 2021

Pretentious OKY is a project that was born at the beginning of 2020. Since I started it, I have taken it as a form of escape from the reality with which we coexist.

I find everyday scenes that I want to appropriate, and my way of doing it is through the lens. I then transform these scenes, these moments,  using strong tones and textures in order to convey to whoever is looking at them a highlighted version of what can be seen with the naked eye.

As a musician, I look at photography as being on a path where it meets music, and that is where, as PretentiousOKY, I want to find myself, using these artistic elements, in order to validate and contribute to what I consider is the idea of art—to awaken, to stimulate the sensations and emotions of my audience.

I took this photo in the center of Medellín, Colombia. This moment caught my attention because in the middle of the Covid era I saw a long line of people waiting to enter a building where there is a telephone company. The faces of these people give a glimpse of that state in which you are doing something that does not give you any pleasure. Daily scenes like this are seen in the center of Medellín; the crowds there do not stop, not even with Covid present among us.


Oky Diaz, No Corran Que Es Peor, 2020


I captured this scene in a neighborhood of Medellín called “Estadio.” It bears this name because in that sector is the “Atanasio Girardot,” which is Medellín’s stadium. It is a crowded, central sector. Look at this man, look at his clothes, his objects—maybe he is going to his workplace? The background of the image allows us to perceive a certain industrial air. What seems to be a warehouse reflects the work environment, which has not ceased even in the midst of this pandemic.


Oky Díaz, Brioso, 2020


This woman was walking in a hurry through Bolivar Park, where the Metropolitan Cathedral of Medellín is located. It is surrounded by all kinds of bars, where many men go to ask for the services provided by countless prostitutes and transvestites who prowl the streets around the cathedral. It is a dangerous sector, where you can be robbed if you are not careful. Perhaps that is why the woman was in such a hurry.


Oky Díaz, No Eres Lo Que Estamos Buscando  2020


This image shows a building under construction. The work of these men does not stop. Look at the masks they wear on their faces while they work—the way they adapt to the new reality is incredible. The mask has become an element of safety and hygiene at work.


Oky Díaz, Desgaste 2020


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