A Sense of Belonging

By Stephen M. Redpath | January 10, 2021

In March 2020, the pandemic led to a lockdown in the UK, as it did in many countries. Our worlds shrank. Yet, despite the worries, for me there was a silver lining—I became intimately connected with the landscape around the small village where I live in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Every day I would walk along the Tarland Burn (a small stream that flows into the river Dee) and I looked, sketched, and painted. The more I looked, the more I saw and the more I wanted to paint. I got to know this little bit of land and water in great detail and I felt connected to the place in a way that I hadn’t previously. The act of looking and drawing is very intimate and tender and it drew me to this place that I know I will revisit to paint time and again, long after this pandemic has passed.


Stephen M. Redpath, Tarland Burn, watercolour sketch, 12cm x 20cm 2020


Stephen M. Redpath, Looking up the burn towards the ash trees, watercolour sketch, 15cm x 40cm 2020


Stephen M. Redpath, Under the trees, soft pastels, 20cm x 25cm 2020


Stephen M. Redpath, Vegetation along the burn, soft pastels, 20cm x 25cm 2020


Stephen M. Redpath, Light on the water, soft pastels, 20cm x 30cm 2020


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