Like No Christmas Eve Past

By Steve Bennett | December 24, 2020

For years, I’ve taken a walk at dusk on Christmas Eve. This afternoon’s ritual trek through Cambridge and Somerville, MA was a stark reminder of how surreal the world has become. There was no trace of the festive energy that usually marks this time of the year, and few hints that I was passing through a dense urban area. The light fog contributed to the eerie feeling of being in a Twilight Zone episode. Two photos from my walk sum up the mood of 2020.

Taken through the window of Mr. Crêpe, a normally bustling cafe in Davis Square, Somerville, MA


Taken through the center of a wreath on the door of Urban Hearth, an intimate farm-to-table restaurant on Mass Ave in Cambridge, MA

May no Christmas Future ever look like this again.


Copyright © 2020 Steve Bennett


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