Breaking News: Pandemic Life in Suburban New Jersey

By Jay Seldin | December 5, 2020

By late March early April 2020, I came to realize that everyday life in suburbia had changed. The streets were empty. Local stores were closing one after another. The virus was spreading into my community. People were wearing masks and latex gloves. Friends and relatives were afraid to meet up. Dinner plans were being cancelled. Vacations looked like only a remembrance.  Restaurants only had take-out. The news was terrible. People were starting to be hospitalized. People were dying! The future looked bleak.

So what did I do? I’m a photographer. I masked myself, put on gloves, and went out to photograph what I saw in suburbia during this pandemic.  Here’s a sample of what I found.


“Family Curbside Outing.” May 24, 2020


“Bow Tie Clairidge Cinemas Temporarily Closed,”April 14, 2020


“Barista, Paper Plane Coffee,” April 24, 2020


“Breath: Street Art,” April 17, 2020


“Please Keep Social Distance,” May 1, 2020


“Breaking News,” April 7 ,2020


“Looking to the Heavens for Help,” May 13, 2020


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