Drive-in Diversion

By Allan Gorman | October 25, 2020

One really exciting event we looked forward to each fall was the annual Montclair Film Festival, now in its 10th year.

But because of Corona restrictions we can no longer stand on long lines waiting to get into packed venues, looking for neighbors and friends to say hello to.

But kudos to the bright and creative minds behind this year’s alternative, which combined a unique streaming program with a cool pop-up drive-in venue for a few of the major releases, like last night’s screening of a remake the 1941 film Blithe Spirit, Noel Coward’s silly comedy about a writer who summons a medium to help him get over his writer’s block, which leads to a very funny love triangle with the ghost of his deceased wife and his current spouse.

So last night we packed the Tupperware and a couple of bags of popcorn, hopped in the car and headed over to a pop-up drive-in theater set up on an archery field in our county park.



In addition to a totally enjoyable flick, the experience of going out to do something different was such a welcome and exciting relief from the monotony of the pandemic existence we’ve all been living with since last March.

Bravo MFF and thanks for working out the logistics of pulling off a fabulous week of entertainment despite the obstacles.

We’re headed over to the drive-in for another diversionary evening tonight—can’t wait!


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