Who Could Have Imagined…

By Steve Bennett | October 24, 2020

It’s almost trite to see a slice of life in the time of Corona and ask, “Who could have imagined this…X months ago?” But it’s still the question that runs through my mind every time I frame a composition in my camera’s viewfinder. Who could have imagined that we’d schedule drive-through flu shots administered in our cars by PPE-shielded med techs…that once-utilitarian masks would become fashion statements (and a new mask-making cottage industry would emerge)…that indoor spaces would become scarier than the outdoors, so we moved our activities outside whenever possible…that waiting for a bus would require personal protective gear…that virtually no aspect of our lives would go untouched by a microbe with an exponentially larger-than-life footprint?  These are a collection of my recent images that all ask…“Who could have imagined?”


My outdoor flu shot 2020, pandemic style


Med tech delivers outdoor flu shot through my open car door



Portrait of writer Rani Neutill, with designer mask


Bring your (air) sofa to the park. Just another normal late summer day, except…


Waiting for the bus isn’t what it used to be


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